Link Networks

Links are essential for a good ranking in search engines
For a good ranking in search engines especially in Google links (recommendations) from other web sites to the own site are particularly important. There are different types of links and it is always good to know something about it.

Reciprocal links are 2 Way links.
You can exYou can exchange links with another webmaster, if he agrees. You link to his website, he will also give you a link back to your website. Those links are reciprocal links or 2-Way Links.

Links should come from related Sites.
You should make sure that you get links from related web sites. The best links are links from your competitors. These links are of course difficult to obtain. You would rather sell your own product and do not want to recommend the product of your competitors. A 2-Way Link is not very important for a good ranking in Google , but it is still better than no link. 

One Way Links are best for Google ranking.
What Google likes One-Way Links. This is a link from another site to your site and there is no link from your site to the other site. One Way Links are not easy to get to. You can get such links from web directories. But they contribute less and less to a good rankingne-way links would be of course again the best of a competing site because they are very related. But nobody wants to link to your site and get nothing in return.

Link in the triangle: 3 Three Way Links.
But if you have two partners, B But if you have two partners, B and C you can proceed differently. You (A) link to B and B does'nt link back to you (that is reciprocate) he links to C. C then links to A. All are linked in a triangle. A -> B -> C -> A. Everyone gets an incoming link, but for which there is no direct outgoing link. A links to B, but B does'nt links to A. The search engines evaluate each incoming link as a one-way and therefore the highest.

A proper number of One-Way Links boost your Google ranking. 
If you have many domains you can achieve better ranking with clever linking. But if you have only one or two domains? One Solution are Link-Networks.

Link-Networks allow many One Way Links.
These are networks of several 100 or thousands of web sites of their members. The three- or polygonal linking takes place over the network for a moderate monthly fee. I would like to inform you abaut 2 Networks from a software developer and expert in SEO Scene.

  • 3WayLinks: 250 One Way Backlinks for up to 50 Websites
  • 1WayLinks: 750 neu Backlinks for your Web Sites