The next Link Network is called 1WayLinks and works with article marketing on blogs.

One-Way Backlinks with Article Marketing 
You can quite easily get one-way backlinks to your website if you write an interesting article related to the products or services of your website. In these articles, you deposit up to 3 Backlinks to your own site. You will receive one way backlinks and thus a better ranking in search engines, especially in Google. You send the articles to article directories. They live from advertising and need content for their readers. They are therefore interested in reading material that you provide..

Backlinks for Content.
SSo you have the opportunity to offer textual content and in turn get back links for it. If you deposit your article to a category which is related to the contents of your website, you receive good backlinks. It is therefore important to correctly classify the written articles. If you write articles to well-known article directories such as Ezine.com etc. you get One Way Links with a high Pagerank. These Article directories only accept very good and interesting articles.

Unique Content is important
The published articles must have a "unique content". Same content is spam for search engines, you would achieve the opposite. Therefore, the article directories check the articles for unique content, otherwise the article is rejected or the links are deleted when they find out that there are new articles which are quite similar to the submitted one.

Many Articles for many Backlinks
So, do I have to write many articles now? If you do it with pure Article marketing the answer is yes. For the good article directories you should be sure that your articles are unique and that you are the author. For many other article directories, the items may have a certain similarity. Now you can create several articles from your one original article by using of synonyms and by changing the sequence of the sentences or paragraphs. But don't overuse it, the article should still be readable. You can find some good tools for article marketing here

Many One-Way Backlinks for only a few easy to write articles
11 WayLinks is a network of blogs from the individual members. You write an article and submit it to the network. Your article is then posted (stored) slowly to 250 blogs within one month.  To handle the unique content you spin your article when you write it.  A spun sentence may look like this: This is {another |a different} method. On the first blog your sentene is written as: "This is another method" and on the next blog your sentence looks like  "This is a different method". You can put up to 3 links to any website of your own.  You can also use deep links, ie links to any page within your website. With 250 posts you get up to 750 Links to your websites each month.

750 new backlinks each month
Every month you will again have the opportunity to post your article to another 250 blogs within the network. You use your existing article or write a new one. Where do the blogs come from? They belong to the individual members and therfore are distributed all over the world with different IP-adresses. To be a member of the 1wayLinks Network you have to submit a WordPress Blog of your own to the network. WordPress is an outstanding blog system and open source. So it is free and very common. The installation is straightforward and without HTML knowledge finished in a few hours.
It is relativly ease to write the articles for the blogs, because they are primarly used for the link building.
You should spin it because of the unique content. You should also spin your link text.
The different versions of the article are then distributed to the blogs slowly, 5 to 10 posts per day.
The articles are stored for sure on the blogs and are not rejected, which often happens with article directories.

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